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We all know that dealing with the paperwork involved in the supply chain takes up time and money. Now, thanks to our interactive Savings Calculator, you can see exactly how much your business spends on administrative tasks. You may be surprised by the results.

How it works

Enter the number of invoices/credits you create, the number of copy invoices produced, overseas payments received and credit card charges paid each month to see your potential annual savings. If you use the slider, the total will be updated automatically; if you prefer to enter your own figures into the boxes, click to get the totals. (If you are viewing this on an iPad, you will not see the slider.)

Publishers and suppliers who use Batch invest the money saved into other parts of their businesses. Use the calculator to see how much extra money you could have.

Each month...



How many invoices/credit notes do you raise?

  x   £

Copy Invoices

How many copy invoices do you raise?

  x   £

Overseas Payments

How many overseas payments
do you receive?

  x   £

Credit Card Payments

How much do your commercial customers
pay with a credit card?

£   x   %

Total Saving

Your total annual savings could be:


What next?

  • Fill in the form to register with us. Once registered, we will carry out extensive testing to make sure that everything is running smoothly before your company goes live on the Batch system on an agreed date.