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Batch makes my bank charges reasonable and it helps manage my accounts.

The Team

Meet the staff behind Batch: we're a small team dedicated to providing the best possible service to booksellers, publishers and distributors in the UK and overseas!

Sending an email to is the best way to contact us, as it provides an effective trail of communication and helps us to log your queries. You can also contact us by phone on +44 (0)207 421 4660 or meet us in person at a book fair or trade event.

Fraser Tanner, Managing Director

Fraser Tanner joined Batch in 2000 from the world of foreign exchange, where he had rolled out an internet trading solution for business-to-business payments through the international banking systems.

Originally Batch was intended as a clearing house for payments, but it soon became apparent that it provided an opportunity to improve the flow of information and integration between systems. In developing Batch, Fraser has been instrumental in winning industry awards including the Nibbie for the service.

Simon Parker, Business Development Manager

 Simon Parker was the first full time employee of Batch when he joined the company in March 2000. Simon designed the original Batch Returns system, which was further developed by Maria Quinn Software Development and Consultancy. Simon also worked with external developers to design and build the Batch Integration Software (BIS).
Simon’s role includes liaising with booksellers and suppliers on the use of the system. Simon also sits on a number of industry steering groups and co-ordinates with our IT team on developments for Batch.

Eileen Kelly, Administration Manager

Eileen Kelly is the engine behind Batch and does everything she can to make customers happy. She gives her team the training needed to provide excellent customer service; her hard work and caring nature ensure the very high standard of service our customers expect. Eileen semi-retired in January 2014, but she still works with us part-time.

Jonathan King, Account Manager

Jonathan joined Batch as Account Manager at the end of 2013 after a long career in publishing, having worked for The Firsty Group, Ian Allan, Lonely Planet and Transworld, among others.

Linda Bowles, Administrative Assistant

Linda BowlesAny bookseller using Batch who has not received at least a couple of phone calls from Linda Bowles, please raise a hand! She ensures that all our customers get the best treatment and guides booksellers new to the system through their first steps online.

Antonio Marchesini, Administrative Assistant

Antonio joined Batch in 2005. He assists Eileen Kelly and his other colleagues with a range of administrative tasks.




Marketing and social media

Freelancer Janet Ravenscroft is responsible for writing text for the website, creating flyers and contributing copy about Batch for BA publications. She is the person responsible for our Facebook page and Twitter account, as well as the fun stuff, such as the Batch chocolates. If you would like your business to feature in the Bookseller Focus or Featured Suppliers pages of our website, email her at