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Academic Books, Denmark

Susanne Bendixen, Accountant for Academic Books in Copenhagen, tells us about academic publishing in Denmark.

Academic Books, Denmark
What is the name of your shop? We have seven shops named Academic Books.

Where are the shops? Six shops are on different campuses of the University of Copenhagen. One in a shopping street, but also close to the university.

How large are the shops? From 150 to 300m2.

How many people work there? Two to four people in every shop all year round. We employ a lot of extras at start of term.

What kinds of books do you sell? Mostly books for studies. Approximately half are in Danish and half in foreign languages.

How long have you had the business? Each shop is different. It ranges from five to 40 years.

Where do your customers come from? Students, online and in the shops.

How would you describe the current state of the book trade in Denmark? It is rather hard to be optimistic, but as we are specialists we hope for the future.

What do you most enjoy about being a bookseller? To help the customers get what they need.

Is there anything that you don’t like about being a bookseller? Amazon!

How do you choose which books to stock? This is highly dependent on which books are used in the studies. We rely on close co-operation with the institutions.

Do you organise events in your shop, such as book signings? Yes, in two of them.

How do you get your books from the UK? We use a freight consolidator.

Batch and Your Business

How long have you been using Batch? Fifteen years.

How does Batch help your business? It makes it easier to make payments and be sure what is paid. It is easier to get copies of invoices and credits. It saves money for bank transfers.

Is there anything we could do to improve our service to you? Your homepage is rather old fashioned and not that easy to use. The content from the publishers is often not up to date. [We hope you will find this new website easier to use!]

Academic Books
Rosenørns Allé 9
DK 1970 Frederiksberg C
Tel: +45 3815 3890