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Batch is immensely helpful to pay multiple suppliers by one bank transfer, and to be able to look at details of invoices when necessary.

Booksellers trading in Euros

Use the interactive Savings Calculator to find out how much money our FREE online service can save your bookshop each year. Simply enter the number of invoices or credits you receive, the number of times you have problems with a delivery, and the number of bank transfers you make each month to see your potential annual savings.

How it works

Use the slider, and the total will be added up automatically. (If you are viewing this on an iPad, you will not see the slider.) Alternatively, enter the number of items and their cost in the boxes then click to see how much you are currently spending. Altering these figures will give you an accurate picture of how many Euros your bookshop could save every year by trading online with Batch.

Each month...



How many invoices/credits do you receive?

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Copy Invoices

How many copy invoices do you ask for?

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Delivery Issues

How many times do you have
an issue with delivery?

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Data Entry

How many hours do you spend
entering data?

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Total Saving

Your total annual savings could be:

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