Enter the number of items you create per month, and the calculator will show you what your annual savings could be if you switched from a manual system to Batch. You can alter both the number of items and the price you pay to get an accurate result. The calculator is set for GBP£, but you'll find links to the other currencies we work with on the right, as well as a dedicated calculator for suppliers. Fill in your email address if you would like us to contact you about your specific needs.

How it works

Use the slider and the total will be added up automatically. Alternatively, enter the number of items and their cost in the boxes then click to see how much you are currently spending. (If you are viewing this on an iPad or smart phone, you will not see the slider.) Altering the figures will give you an accurate picture of how much money your business could save every year by trading online.

Money, money, money

The figures that we have used for the cost of raising an invoice, dealing with delivery problems, etc., are based on an EU Expert Group report into the advantages of trading online, and other studies that demonstrate how e-invoicing would save European businesses about €64.5 billion a year. The full EU report can be accessed here.

Each month



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How many invoices/credits do you receive?

Copy Invoices

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How many copy invoices do you ask for?

Delivery Issues

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How many times do you have an issue with delivery?

Data Entry

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How many hours do you spend entering data?

Total Saving


Your total annual savings could be:

Save with Batch

Use our calculators to see how much money you could save in Euros, GBP and US$, whether you are a bookseller or a publisher.


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